Xiaomi iGrow Study Chair Pro Pink
Xiaomi iGrow Study Chair Pro Pink
Xiaomi iGrow Study Chair Pro Pink
Xiaomi iGrow Study Chair Pro Pink

Xiaomi iGrow Study Chair Pro Pink

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NOTE: Chair ONLY. Table not included


• Spine Protection Chair • Recommended Age Group: 3 to 18 Years Old • Danish Design • Accurate Height Adjustment • 3-Dimensional Adjustable Chair • Individual Dual-Backrest Design • Multi-Angle Spine Protection • Pull To Adjust Seat • High-Elastic, Pressure-Relief, Soft & Skin Friendly Sponge • Crescent-Shaped Base • Self-Braking Caster Lock with Body Weight • Comfortable Foot Rest

The chair's height and depth can be adjusted by the lever under the seat. The height has an adjustment range of 32 to 96cm and the depth can be adjusted from 0 to 6 cm.

It features a Dual Individual backrest design that provides Multi-angle spine protection. The seat cushion is made of soft highly elastic sponge that relieves pressure. While the base of the chair is a crescent shape which is designed to reduce risks of rollover crashes. It even features a smart self-braking casters that detect human body weight to protect and safe guard children by simply sitting down and the casters lock up.

To release the breaks, all users have to do is stand-up.


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